Episode 1

Ella is a character on Team A. Once all twenty contestants arrived at the house, Ella choose Bedroom #20 to occupy. She also was mentioned to have had an alliance with Lily, Jacob and possibly Shruva. On Day 2, a surprise eviction was held. Initially, it seemed that no votes would be cast for Ella. But then, many came in, and it was a 7-7 tie between her and Shruva. Team leaders K and A were the tiebreaker, and choose to evict Ella. She was very frustrated and left the house after much anguish. She was the first person evicted from the house on Day 2.

Ella's Votes Voted Against Ella Episode
Shruva Nathan, Alex C, Bella,

Kahlen, Alex M, Natalie,


1st Evicted- Day 2